UCO Endeavor Games

June 13, 2015 admin
Endeavor Games Practice
Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.
Abel made it 20 and 60 meter done! He raced like a champ and managed to stay in his own lane both times around.

After a great morning of track Abel is going for a dip in the hotel pool this afternoon.

Endeavor Games Practice race
Here a picture of Abel doing the 60m so proud of the little man. Our only goal this year was staying in his own lane and he managed to do it. He was so proud of himself.
caf endeavor games
Very happy to have CAF family with us this week. It’s always great to have our support team with us. The best people you will ever meet.
Endeavor Game Haven with Abel
As we get ready to head home after being gone for a week we will definitely miss everyone. Most we will see again in a few weeks when we head to California. But definitely a year to remember at endeavor games. And Abel was so happy to have his haven at the finish line waiting for him after his 60m. What a amazing week it has Been. Traveling to New York for the first time with CAF and then off to Oklahoma for endeavor games and Abel now coming home with two gold medals for both his races. We couldn’t be more proud of the little man.

Endeavor games race

Swimming Endeavor Games
After a great morning of track Abels going for a dip in the hotel pool this afternoon.

June 11-14

The UCO Endeavor Games is a nationally recognized competition that allows all athletes with physical disabilities to participate in a multi-sport event. Central is the host of the UCO Endeavor Games, the largest multi-sport, multi-disability event in the United States. Over 350 athletes with physical disabilities come to Edmond each June to participate in 11 sports over a span of four days. This June will mark the 16th year of competition, which features novice athletes, professionals and Paralympic team members of all ages. All activities are held in Edmond at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond North High School, or the Mitch Park YMCA.
Location: UCO
Extra Info: 405-974-3160 or www.ucoendeavorgames.com